"Closing rates went from 2% to 25% .... a 1,000% increase in productivity."
University of South Florida, College of Business, Small Business Development Journal

"AT&T Broadband reported great success as a result of your training."
WorkSource Florida, Bruce Ferguson, Vice President

"Lou Principe provided excellent customer service  training to Sanford Police
sworn and civilian employees."
Brian F.Tooley , Chief of Police, Sanford, Fl

"Once again you moved our sales people out of their comfort zone  and motivated
them to become over achievers."
C. Sherman,  Lennar Homes

"The experience was fantastic, the evaluations were overwhelmingly positive."
Robert A. Borsari, President, Keynomics

"We doubled sales with average prices of $500,000." Hank Berg, Williams Island

"37% increase in knowledge with a 95% approval rate."  
Florida Department of Corrections Evaluation

These are just a few excerpts from the hundreds of letters received from individuals,
corporations, and government agencies.  Link to read the full reference letters & articles:   
Articles & Reference Letters
Motivational Sales & Customer Service Seminars
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1. Reinvent Your Company: Sales and Customer Service Departments can become a mighty machine.  

Proper Goal Setting:   If you can’t  measure the results how can you manage it?

Customer Acquisition Programs:  You will learn specific Sales & Marketing techniques.

The Client’s Psyche: Your team will learn additional skills to make another person's mind receptive
to what is said and have people respond positively to it.  These subliminal subconscious
soft skills are the hardest to learn because of the subconscious manner in which they occur.  

International Sales & Customer Service:  Understanding  cultural differences so that you don’t
 inadvertently offend instead of impress. Example: Don’t lump all South Americans together. For
 instance, Argentineans are primarily of European descent, while other Latin American countries have
 more of a mix of European and Indian cultures. And Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish.

Sales & Customer Service Professionals are a Blue Chip Investment:  A true professional is always
looking for additional tools of the mind. They should be considered a partner on your team and
compensated extremely well based on performance.
Contact Lou Principe: 407-269-4980       LouPrincipe@gmail.com

Our mission is to educate
people in the highest form
Social Intelligence: the
ability to communicate
effectively and efficiently
with people.