Lou Principe has trained thousands of  agents for Realtors, developers and homebuilders.

“Lou Principe increased the education level of our 6,000 members with his presentation at the International Congress of Realtors.” George Cantero, President

“Lou Principe’s educational sales program specifically developed for Real Estate professionals is truly outstanding. My comments on this program have been corroborated by many attendees.” Bill Manck, College of Business, University of South Florida

Realtor Magazine: Looking to heighten your exposure with international buyers? Professor Louis Principe works primarily with buyers from Colombia and Europe. Principe began to work with Colombians about seven years ago when he was representing developers of million dollar condo projects in Miami Beach. For those projects, he placed ads in newspapers in Bogotá, the country's capital, and began conducting real estate seminars there and in other South American cities on how to buy real estate in Florida.

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Join with other professionals who know they can do better if they just had a few more tools of the mind. You will learn the necessary skills to make another person’s mind receptive to what you are saying and how to have the other person respond positively to what was said. These psychological skills are the secrets to success necessary to increase a person worth to themselves, their family, society and to an employer. You will learn how to make another person’s mind receptive to what you are saying and how to have the other person respond positively. We are creatures of conditioned reflex. Once a response pattern is established in terms of persuasion, then we can persuade people to do almost anything.

Clients have included Realtors, homebuilders, computer companies, call centers, universities and government agencies.

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